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September 2010

College. Some call it the greatest four years of their life. And why wouldn’t it be? You’re away from your parents, you get to eat whatever you want, as much as you want, whenever you want (though be careful about that, it can come back to bite you!), and if you have a meal plan […]

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Lately, I’ve been focusing on saving money on food, and eating more healthy. Just recently it dawned on me that sometimes all it takes is a change of attitude, or reframing a situation in order to make the most of it. The reduced section of my favorite grocery store is where I started…


How to Use Credit Wisely

by Albie D on September 24, 2010

Credit card debt can spiral out of control.  Here are some ways to protect yourself from getting in over your head.  Do not use credit cards to finance an unaffordable lifestyle.  If you are constantly using credit cards and are unable to pay the resulting bill each month, then consider whether you are using your […]


Fact: I love used stuff. I’d rather hunt down a good deal on a used toy even though it’s easier to just go to the store and get the new shiny one. First, I like to save money whenever possible/reasonable (ie; no undies or toothbrushes). Second, I find it satisfying to find a good deal on […]


An enormous amount of money is spent by marketers and advertisers attempting to make you think that their product is soooo much better, and worth an exponentially higher price than brand x. I maintain that this is hardly ever true. When you pay a premium price to solve a problem or complete a task, when […]


Creating habits and routines that save you money It’s funny that we tend to think of habits as bad things. There is such a thing as a good habit, and they are created the same way. Repetition, until the action becomes an automatic response and does not require conscious thought creates habits..


Saving on Gasoline

by JTrefry on September 14, 2010

It is easy to fall into a habit of always buying gas at the same place, and that’s what the gas stations want you to do.  If it’s on one of your usual routes, AND has the best price, go for it. However, you might want to read on…


The exact formula for calculating your credit score is an industry secret.  I can see them now, sneaking around with their calculators, judging me.  We don’t know how they do it, but we do know what information on which a credit score is based, and how heavily each piece of information is weighed.


Tips for Tipping

by Albie D on September 8, 2010

First, don’t startle the cow.  You want to creep up nice and slow… wait, that’s a different blog post. Here we go… Have you ever wondered if you’re tipping too much or too little?  Some people tip too little because they don’t know what’s appropriate.  Some tip big to avoid looking like a cheapskate.  No one wants […]


This is the final post of a series of five that have focused on saving money in the areas where you spend the most… Clothing and services Many people change their wardrobes with the latest fashion trends. Others simply refuse to wear the same outfits twice. Try these tips for limiting your clothing expenses: Inventory […]