Web Roundup: Job-Seekers' Edition

by Albie D on July 14, 2011

The current unemployment rate in the US is 9.2%.  It’s a high number, but it’s become the norm in our current economy.  Many Americans are out of work, and even more have just hit the job market out of college.  Everyone needs to be on top of their game when it comes to finding a job.  Here are some articles and blog posts that we found helpful.

    • Stupid Things to Put in your Cover Letter (Wisebread) A good list of what are probably common missteps when it comes to cover letter.  Some things you might not have expected, and some that you might have done in the past.
    • Laid Off? Prepare for the Work Ahead (American Consumer Credit Counseling) This is a great collection of advice that can be helpful to anyone searching for a job, not just those who were laid off.
    • Find a Job You Love? (The Wisdom Journal) This post is a little dose of tough love when it comes to following your passion, but it’s also very sound advice.  It’s great to find a career/job that you love, but be realistic and do your research before diving in.
    • Interview Cheat Sheet (Monster.com) Monster.com has a ton of informational articles and resources for all stages in a job search.  This one in particular is a great idea for interview preparation.


    As a marketing specialist for American Consumer Credit Counseling, Albie has been spreading the word since 2008. He also contributes and designs content for ACCC’s client newsletters, educational materials, and their website, ConsumerCredit.com. Albie loves a bargain, and is a sucker for anything used. Well, almost anything.

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