Holiday Saving Tips Part. 2

by DPardi on December 2, 2011

So you made your list and checked it twice (Hooray for holiday puns!) to make sure you got gifts for everyone on your list. Now it’s time to decorate. Crank up the holiday music and get to work. One problem before you get crackin’ though. Holiday decorations are expensive, especially the ones advertised on the end-cap at stores like Wal-Mart and CVS Pharmacy. So how can we decorate without further emptying out our wallets this holiday? Well you’re in luck because we’ve got some frugal ideas jingling all the way to you (Ok, I’m done with the holiday puns I swear).

Saving Money on Decorations & Ornaments

I don’t know about you but I like to be a little bit more creative than just purchasing a holiday decoration and setting it up. I’d much rather use the right side of my brain (The creative side). Why not make your own holiday decorations?

  • Do you have streamers? (Red & Green Preferably) You can use these to decorate the Christmas tree or the all around the house.
  • Make some snowflakes with paper, scissors and your imagination.  Click Here for a how to video
  • Many follow the tradition of buying a holiday ornament every year and hanging it on the tree. Instead of buying pre-made ornaments, which can go for $10.00 – $25.00 an ornament, pick up plain clear ball ornaments and make your own. It’s fun and there are numerous possibilities of what you can make. For some ideas you can use this holiday ornament crafting website as a reference: Crafts.Kaboose.Com (If you make one please email us a picture!)

Other Ways to Save

  • Do you have Christmas lights up? Do you leave them on all night? Who is up at 4AM in the morning enjoying the decorations on your house? Answer: Not many because hopefully their asleep. Do yourself a favor and put them on a timer so you save money on your electric bill.
  • Use grocery bags as wrapping paper. I know it sounds bad but it comes out looking really nice. Especially because you can design the wrapping paper the way you want to (As seen below)

  • Re-use gift boxes and gift bags for future events (Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Next Christmas etc.)
  • Have a big family? Instead of getting everyone a gift, organize a Yankee Swap or Secret Santa (For directions on how to run these events you can check out our previous post: Yankee Swap and Secret Santa Rules
  • Can’t create great works of art? Wait till after the holiday and pick up some holiday decorations at a huge discount (Typically 50% – 75% off!)

Looking for more ideas? We have another holiday savings blog in the works. Check in again soon for Holiday Saving Tips Part. 3

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Dan is the Critical Care Specialist at ACCC. He is a recent college grad who loves to find a bargain and tell people about it. Today, with Facebook, Twitter, and blogging websites, he is able to let those bargains be heard by consumers online. But if you find a great deal, he definitely wants to hear about it.

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