Web Roundup: Buying Cars and Safe Driving

by Albie D on January 12, 2012

All that talk about winter tires got me thinking about car stuff.  Apparently so was the rest of the blog-o-verse.  I came across several auto-themed blog posts and news articles last week, so I thought… let’s round these suckers up for our lovely readers.  So here we are.  You, me, and a couple of car blogs.

Guide to Buying a Used Car Without Going Crazy (Wisebread)
As someone who has purchased a used car, I consider this is a great how-to article with detailed instructions and tips.  This article focuses on the process of buying from an individual, or a dealer that doesn’t sell “certified used” cars.

Is It the Right Time to Buy a Car? (The Wisdom Journal)
Here’s how to figure out if the time is right.  Includes a lot of variables that you need to consider for yourself.

The Top 3 Things a Car Salesman Discusses With the Manager (The Dollar Stretcher)
It’s pretty typical once negotiations start that the salesman will have to consult with the manager. Ever wondered what they’re talking about?  Is it just a sales tactic?  Here’s what they’re probably discussing.

How Can I Drive Safely in Extreme Winter Weather? (Lifehacker)
I’m not very old but, living in New England, I’ve driven in a lot of snow and had my fair share close calls.  This is a pretty good refresher.  Some good discussion in the reader comments as well.

The Comeback of the American Car (CNN Money)
Just some interesting information on the state of the American automotive industry, and the increased reliability and quality of some American brands.

I hope you find these articles as interesting as I did.  I’ll take any advice I can get when it comes to cars, car buying, and safe driving. If you have any helpful tips of your own, please share!

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