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We’ve always meant to do a post on what to do with “free money,” but after searching the archives of Talking Cents Blog, I’ve realized that we’ve never touched on the topic.  Back when I did the Cash-Only Christmas Challenge, I talked about using sites like or the new-to-me to earn cash back […]



I’m sure you’ve heard the news that congress left town for their week-long Independence Day break without reaching an agreement to prevent the rate increase on certain new Stafford loans. Interest rates on subsidized student loans went from 3.4% to 6.8% as of Monday, July 1st. But what does this really mean for you or […]


As we approach the beginning of yet another year, consumers and families are given an opportunity to start anew with a fresh financial plan. At ACCC we work with clients year-round to help break bad spending habits and to overcome significant financial challenges and we know how overwhelming this uphill climb can be. But, over […]


Giving Thanks

by Steve Trumble on November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving is a time to express our gratitude for the many blessings we have in our lives. It goes without saying, of course, that we’re all thankful for our families and our friends. But this year, we should also take a moment to express our thanks to the people in our lives who have looked […]


Here’s our very own Steve Trumble, President of American Consumer Credit Counseling, featured on NECN. In this segment, Steve talks about the importance of SMART goals when digging out of credit card debt. This is especially important around the holiday season


You can’t obtain credit without a positive credit history. You can’t build a history until you’ve had some credit. So what are you supposed to do? There actually are some options for those looking to get started who may not be eligible for conventional credit cards and loans.

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Improving Your Credit Score

by Albie D on October 21, 2010

In a previous post we discussed How to Use Credit Wisely.  Hopefully, you’ve already been practicing some of the methods and ideals that were mentioned.  But if you’re already in some trouble with credit card debt, you’re probably more concerned with digging yourself out.  We’ll talk about methods to pay off your debt at another […]


How to Use Credit Wisely

by Albie D on September 24, 2010

Credit card debt can spiral out of control.  Here are some ways to protect yourself from getting in over your head.  Do not use credit cards to finance an unaffordable lifestyle.  If you are constantly using credit cards and are unable to pay the resulting bill each month, then consider whether you are using your […]