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eating in season

It’s that time of year. It starts to get dark earlier, the days get cooler, and the leaves change color. It is also the time that the apple orchards and pumpkin patches begin to bear ample fruits. Because some food types are more popular in fall than others, they also tend to be less costly in […]


wallet 2

Special occasions and holidays should never break the bank, no matter how much you love a person. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Being thoughtful scores way more points in my book than any material gift or elaborate activity. So if you are still in fact trying to figure out something special to do this Valentine’s Day, here is a […]


frozen spinach

March is National Frozen Food month, and though frozen foods get a bad name, there are some great frozen fruits and vegetables that are just as good (or even better) than the fresh stuff. Frozen spinach, for example, is a great value – fresh spinach cooks down so much that a bag ends up cooking […]


Extreme Cheapskates TLC

Though the people on Extreme Cheapskates are often extreme, there are some tactics that they use that are really great at helping you save money and lower your debt. In this particularly case, Jeff likes to go to the butcher and buy unpopular cuts of meat for much cheaper than the more well-known cuts. By […]



It always seems to happen – you buy a bunch of bananas, and before you know it, they’re brown and overripe. But don’t throw them out! As a cheap and nutritious food, bananas have many uses even past their prime. Let your bananas help you eliminate debt by getting every penny out of them with the following recipes.


sweet potato

Even though it’s winter, great produce is still easy to find! Winter vegetables are some of the most delicious, nutritious, and most importantly, affordable. Lowering monthly food bills is a great way to manage your debt, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of nutrition and health. Don’t increase your credit card debt by ordering […]


Lately, I’ve been focusing on saving money on food, and eating more healthy. Just recently it dawned on me that sometimes all it takes is a change of attitude, or reframing a situation in order to make the most of it. The reduced section of my favorite grocery store is where I started…


A Little Trick to Save On Produce

by JTrefry on September 1, 2010

I learned a little something a while ago from a little old lady savvy senior citizen who didn’t even speak English.  I was in the produce section, picking up some vegetables, and saw a lady with a shopping basket nearly full of bagged carrots.  (Maybe she was a rabbit lady – like a cat lady […]


Stockpiling is a concept that when used correctly can save you a bundle on household goods and groceries. Used incorrectly, it just creates waste and you end up buying more than you would ever need. There are specific goods that I tend to “stockpile” when I see a real bargain – like canned goods, paper […]


Food is great and is a necessity to keep you healthy but also can take quite the dent into your bank account. Over the last three years I have learned a few tips to help keep food spending to a minimum. The first and most important way to save is by using your meal plan […]