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August Challenge: Build a Positive Credit History

August 3, 2015

A positive credit history can be a powerful tool. Whether you are applying for a loan, an apartment or even a job, it can impact…

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May Challenge: No Credit Cards

May 6, 2015

Credit card debt can stem from both needs and wants. If you struggle to manage your credit cards or currently have credit card debt, try this month's…

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February Challenge: Track Your Spending

January 30, 2015

Did you make a financial resolution for 2015? According to a recent survey by Fidelity, chances are that you have not made one. With only 31%…

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Relationships And Money Challenges

December 3, 2014

Money is a very taboo topic in many relationships. Tensions often arise from a lack of understanding and poor communication. Don't let money negatively affect your…

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Cash-Only Challenge: The Shopping List

November 20, 2013

Welcome to the second edition of the cash-only holiday challenge. This week I'm writing on the importance of shopping with a list.  We at ACCC…

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Challenge: Cash-Only Christmas

November 4, 2013

It's been quite some time since I last wrote for the blog, but with the holidays approaching and our recently released challenge to consumers to…

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CHALLENGE: 21 Day Spending Freeze

June 21, 2012

This challenge is exactly as it sounds, I'm going to try and  freeze all non-essential spending for 21 days. (more…)

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March Grocery Challenge: Update #1

March 15, 2012

Stop & Shop trip #1 Date: Sunday, March 4th Total: $110.28 Target trip #1 Date: Thursday, March 8th Total: $6.11 Stop & Shop trip #2…

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MARCH GROCERY CHALLENGE: Cut my spending by 21%

March 2, 2012

Like almost everyone, I am always looking for a way to cut monthly spending. Recently, I was comparing my budget versus what I actually spend…

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Weekly Round-Up: Black Friday News & Ways to Save

November 8, 2019

Looking for ways to save money this holiday season and payoff credit card debt? Doing some research ahead of shopping can be a great way…

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