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Numerous changes take place with the arrival of the autumn season. Kids head back to school, leaves change color, weather turns cooler, and fall fashion kicks in. While the mannequins are donning all kinds of new outfits for the season, you can’t help but think to refresh your own wardrobe. However, as much as you would love […]


Settling Credit Card Debt

by Dilini on August 19, 2015

settling CC debts

Managing credit card debt is crucial to ensure you are living a healthy financial life.  If you are at a point where your credit card debt has become a burden and you feel that you are in over your head, then it is now time for you to look at your debt relief options. One option is […]


School Supplies on a Budget

by Michelle on August 13, 2015

back to school budgeting tricks to avoid credit card debt

School supplies are another necessary item for kids going back to school this fall. Just like last week’s post on school clothing, it’s important to avoid credit card debt by sticking to a budget. Prepare your kids for the year ahead with these tips for getting school supplies on a budget.


credit freeze to avoid identity theft

Each year, millions of Americans have their identity stolen. A credit freeze- also called a security freeze- is a great way to hinder identity thieves from attacking you. A freeze limits access to your credit report which makes it challenging to take out new lines of credit in your name. Explore credit freezes to see […]


avoid credit card debt with back to school clothes shopping tips

Back to school shopping is usually a great time for kids and a budget concern for parents. Dropping lots of cash all at once can be challenging- especially if your child has high end tastes. Rather than ending up with credit card debt, here are a few ways to prepare for back to school clothes […]


7 ways to build your credit history

A positive credit history can be a powerful tool. Whether you are applying for a loan, an apartment or even a job, it can impact the outcome of major financial decisions. If you have struggled with credit management in the past or just want to know your next steps, take the August Challenge and learn […]


10 ways to avoid credit card debt video

There are many ways to end up with credit card debt: medical bills, car repairs, education costs, overspending… Fortunately, there are also tried and true ways to avoid it. Here is a video on the 10 ways you can avoid credit card debt.


dealing with consumer debt and illegal debt collection practices

Debt collection is a serious and unfortunate financial reality facing many Americans. Whether you were unaware of a debt owed or simply unable to pay back your consumer debt, debt collection agencies may come knocking. If this happens to you, protect yourself by knowing the rules debt collection agencies must follow.


EMV chipped credit cards  to avoid identity theft

In the last few years, it seems like there are more and more cases of major credit card fraud. To reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, three major credit card companies are moving forward in the US with a chipped credit card in October. Find out how this will affect you.


credit-report-bootcamp-poll-results banner

Each month we post a poll asking questions about a particular financial topic. For the month of May, the questions focused on consumers’ knowledge about credit reports and scores. Do you know your credit score? When was the last time you checked? Do different generations know more than others? Check out these and other interesting stats in the infographic. […]